Division of Building Inspection

Julian Highsmith, Commissioner

David M. Golis, P.E. Chief Building Official Floodplain Administrator 


One Government Center, Suite #1600
Toledo, OH 43604
Phone: 419.245.1220
Fax: 419.245.1329

The Division of Building Inspection is a state-certified building inspection department enforcing the state’s building and mechanical codes to ensure the health and safety of the structures in which the public occupies.  Its goal is to provide professional and efficient service to its citizen customer base while processing permits, reviewing plans, performing inspections, issuing certificates of occupancy or construction trade licenses.  The Division recognizes the integral role it plays in the economic vitality of the City, its neighborhoods and the community at large. In force are the Ohio Building Code, the Residential Code of Ohio and the associated mechanical, electrical and fire safety codes.


The Division of Building Inspection is responsible for issuing and tracking 45 types of permits (approvals) identified in Toledo Municipal Code Part 13, as well as permits and fees for other City Departments, such as Plan Commission, Fire & Rescue, Transportation, Engineering Services and the Department of Public Utilities (water and sewers tap fees). It is actively involved in the city’s accelerated demolition program in conjunction with Lucas County Land Bank.

Building Inspection issues 4500 registrations to home improvement, sign, fence and swimming pool contractors, and mechanical and electrical contractors and tradesmen.  It accepts construction documents for review and disburses these to other city departments for their review; inspects new and rehabilitated industrial, commercial and residential construction; administers the City’s floodplain policies; investigates complaints of illegal and unauthorized work; works with Toledo Police and Toledo Fire to inspect complaints of building and zoning code issues and Department of Neighborhoods’ Housing Division.  It facilitates the permitting process for businesses bringing jobs to the city. It administers the Boards of Control for each of the construction trades and home remodelers as well as the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Board of Building Appeals. 

Please click this link Online Permit Manager for access to the City of Toledo Division of Building Inspection Online Permit Manager.